Wir haben bereits einige ADC-Änderungen ins Visier genommen und offenbar tut sich da einiges im Hinblick auf die neue Saison. Auch Miss Fortune soll stark gebufft werden. Vor allem ihr Kugelhagel soll dabei viel stärker ins Lategame skalieren und mehr Schaden anrichten. Alle geplanten Details seht ihr weiter unten.

Original Zitat vom PBE Feedback ThreadMiss Fortune is making her return as the queen of the Wombo Combo

Bullet Time now channels for a higher max duration and thus higher max damage output (DPS is similar if not better in most cases)

Bullet Time now scales much better into the later parts of the game

Miss Fortune now fires waves more rapidly at higher ranks and Bullet Time waves can now critically strike (but at a reduced amount)

Impure Shots is gone and has been replaced by Love Tap

Love Tap is now MF’s character passive – it’s a new basic attack mechanic that deals bonus damage whenever Miss Fortune attacks a new target

MF now gets a lot more value if she can manage to bounce her attacks between 2 or several targets

Strut has been moved to W’s Passive now that Love Tap is her character passive

Weitere Champion Updates:
Corki Quinn